Group of lions at LIONSROCK

Animals in groups

From gaggle to gaze, from troop to parade – discover the unusual and funny collective animal names


At some point in their lives, most animals will gather into a group of their own kind. Whether for safety in numbers, finding or tracking food, mating and company, even the solitary animals are not usually always alone. When animals do come together, each species has a special official collective name, each as individual and bizarre as the other. Which one is your favourite?


Shrewdness of Apes

Our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL in Borneo takes in orphan orangutans to teach them essential skills so that one day they can return to their natural environment to live freely and independently.


Sleuth of bears

FOUR PAWS is to working end the keeping of bears in conditions unsuited to bears! We also provide a life-long home for rescued bears in our sanctuaries.


Herd of deer

Read the story of orphan roe deer Ruffy who now lives a wonderful life at our TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Cats (Wild)

Destruction of wild cats

See some of the rescued European Wild Cats who were rehabilitated at our TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary and released back into the wild.

Cats (Domestic)

Clowder of domestic cats

Do you have a pet cat? Or maybe you are looking to give a home to a feline friend. Find out all you need to know about responsible pet ownership.


Mob of cattle

Sadly cattle as some of the most abused animals, as they are farmed for their milk and meat. What suffering is behind your glass of milk?


Brood of chickens

Hens are still suffering in narrow cages within Europe for their egg production. They are curious creatures who even teach sounds to their chicks while they are still in the egg, find out more.


Pack of dogs

In Southeast Asia, an estimated 10 millions dogs are eaten in the dog and cat meat trade every year. Find out the truth about this cruel trade.


Parade of elephants

We rescued elephant Kaavan, our heaviest rescue to date, from a lonely life in a Pakistani zoo to a sanctuary in Cambodia!


Earth of foxes

Every year, millions of foxes are abused and killed for their fur. Thankfully, our rescue foxes will never fall victim to such cruelty, and instead live the life of peace and safety he deserves.


Tribe of goats

Did you know that goats are extremely intelligent and curious? Sadly, they are very often not given credit for being the smart and loving creatures they actually are. Find out more about goats.


Troop of gorillas

We are supporting the work to help rescued gorillas be released into the wild! Find out more.


Gaggle of geese

Down is a common filling material used in fashion and textiles worldwide, but there is a dark side to this fluffy textile, with millions of geese enduring horrific suffering for their feathers.


Leap of leopards

Rescued leopard Bakari made a very impressive journey from our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa!


Pride of lions

In South Africa, animals are bred to be killed in canned hunting! Find out more about how lions and other animals suffer.



Drift of pigs

Pigs in intensive livestock farming are subjected to painful mutilations. These operations are carried out without anaesthesia!


Colony of rabbits

Rabbits are inquisitive critters who like to explore and have fun. FOUR PAWS advocates the responsible handling and ownership of pet rabbits


Gaze of raccoons

gaze, boars (group of males), sows (group of females) of raccoons!

Did you know raccoons have hypersensitive front paws, which the can heighten by getting them wet? Read more!


 Scurry of squirrels

If you find a baby squirrel all alone, make sure you know what to do to save that squirrels life!


Flock of sheep

Many sheep suffer horrendously for the bloody business of sheep wool production. Did you know that every year millions of lambs are subject to cruel mutilations for our clothing?


Ambush of tigers

The commercial trade with captive tigers is legal and out of control throughout the EU. We’re fighting to change that. Help us ban the #RuthlessTrade.

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