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Since 1998, the BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach offers a lifelong home for brown bears rescued from bad keeping conditions. At the moment, the sanctuary covers an area of 1.4 hectares and provides a near-natural habitat for three bears. Find out more about the bears and our work and campaigns for other bears in distress.

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Help for bears in distress

FOUR PAWS rescues and protects bears from bad keeping conditions

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FOUR PAWS points out inappropriate conditions. Learn more about the suffering of the saddest bears

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Help for Bears

Improving the living conditions of bears in captivity worldwide 

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Our Standards of Care

An animal-friendly home

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Bear Bodia

10 Facts About Brown Bears

Intriguing facts about Europe's largest predator

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Brown Bear: Torpor or Hibernation?

How bears doze through the cold season – eating nothing for up to three months

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Brown Bear: Food & Feeding Behaviour

Facts about bear's diet and foraging behaviour that might surprise you

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