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A big thank you goes to our donors


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support! Without you, the work for the bears would not be possible.

Thank you!

Teichwirtschaft Fürstenberg
The Teichwirtschaft Fürstenberg provides the BEAR SANCTUARY with free carp remains, which are a good food supplement for our bears.

Myriam & Susi
Our friends Myriam and Susi have already passed a huge load of apples, carrots and treats for the bears (and cakes for the staff :-))! Many many thanks! You have been loyal supporters for many years!

Family Kastner
Fam. Kastner from St.Pölten supplied the bears since 2001 with nuts. Since there are no walnut trees at Arbesbach, we have to take these valuable treats, which the bears need for the winter season, from outside. Over the years so many hundreds of kilograms of nuts were transported to Arbesbach. Thank you very much!

Bär Erich

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