Brother of Tom

Jerry was born in 1988 in the zoo in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

At the age of four months, he was bought by a tamer together with his brother Tom and lived until 1993 in a commercially managed zoo. Here Jerrry had to perform in the so-called "bear school" in front of audience. In 1994, his owner founded the "Golden Circus" and used the two brown bears as an attraction. From then on, the two of them lived on wheels all the time and had to travel across Europe in the too narrow circus car.

Since 1995, FOUR PAWS tried to free Tom and Jerry from captivity, which finally succeeded after a friendly agreement between the Province of Lower Austria, Jaro Franko and FOUR PAWS in spring 2000.

Since mid-September 2000, Tom and Jerry have gone to BÄRENWALD Arbesbach for their favorite pastime, playing and rattling.

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